At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Medline approached SGK with the challenge of developing a skincare brand targeted specifically at healthcare workers. Without any products in the market that focuses on their specific needs we found healthcare workers resorted to a cocktail of various products or simply gave up.

Starting completely from scratch we worked with the internal team at Medline to discover where we can come in to help with their pressing needs.




Package Design, UI Design, Iconography, 3D Rendering


Lead Designer




Creative Director - Jason Rosenberg
Strategy Lead - Anna Kaplan


Illustrator, Photoshop, Keynote, Blender

The challenge
For health care providers face masks and other forms of PPE are essential and critical for their safety. However, PPE can be severly tough and irritating on the skin.

A study conducted during the pandemic reported that 97% of staff working in COVID-19 units reported PPE-related skin damage. Medline came to SGK with the challenge of developing a new brand made for health care workers that targeted their specific needs.

the process

An immersion into the world of skincare was done to identify an entry point for this new brand. With the aim of creating a gender-neutral brand targeted to healthcare workers, topline consumer snapshots and insight collection was done to understand their needs.

The immersion work led to the development of three Opportunity Areas that guided and inspired three disruptive stories for this new brand.
After the Opportunity Area phase the team aligned with the tone and look-and-feel of the RESTORY brand name and story. We continued to develop the brand, leaning more into the "front-line worker" as our target audience and refining our visual approach.

As well as refining the brand story we began to develop a packaging system for this new brand. An Amazon shop page was also designed as the most consumer-facing component for Restory.

Design in Figma 🚀 Developed in Webflow
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