Rite Aid Pawtown

As part of Rite Aid's ongoing brand refresh, SGK was tasked with updating Pawtown, Rite Aid's private label pet care brand.

Pawtown has been updated to reflect Rite Aid's new enterprise strategy "Whole Being Health" and contributes to elevate the brand impression. A bold yet fun approach celebrates our pets when they're at their wildest!


Rite Aid


Package Design, Branding, Illustration


Senior Designer




Creative Director - Jason Rosenberg
Strategy Lead - Anna Marmorstein


Illustrator, Photoshop

The challenge
Pawtown's standardized system structure is typical for a value brand. It's restrictive architecture - consistently placed color-blocked product information, logo and pet photography - limits the brand's ability to flex per product type.

The visual language maintains cohesion but lacks distinction. In a crowded category there is little to help the brand stand out. Colors and typography are outdated and cold, potentially looking like a veterinarian brand. The heavy use of stark white cue private label and speaks to a lower quality product. Photography also looks dated and generic and lacks any emotive punch.

The process

Several logo's and design routes were developed that expresses Pawtown's new, fresher brand story.
The Solution
A revitalized Pawtown brand celebrates your best pet friend.
Brand Guidelines were also developed to guide production teams as they extend the Pawtown line to the full range of products.

Design in Figma 🚀 Developed in Webflow
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